Rice Paper Tales is inspired by Tiet Van Nguyen, a Vietnamese story teller of some of the most beautiful, funny and captivating Vietnamese folk tales. Our aim is to promote social integration among the Vietnamese community (who often do not engage effectively with public services or the Arts) whilst simultaneously providing a uniquely Vietnamese alternative to all-time favourite British Fairy Tales for everyone "anyone can pick up one of these stories and engage with it" director Mingyu Lin. Stories are 20 minutes long with free gifts to take home and remember their story by. A special addition arts and craft workshop will be held on specific showings (see below to find out). 

M A D E  I N  D E P T F O R D

v i b r a n t / i m m e r s i v e / i n t e r a c t i v e

Saturday 10th & 17th September Deptford Lounge 9 Giffin St, London SE8 4JR 12pm, 1:30pm & 3pm (Art workshop on 17th)

Sunday 11th September mac birmingham B12 9QH, Foyle Studio 1:30pm and 3:30pm

Sunday 18th September Viet School, 20 Woodpecker road SE14 6EU 2pm (Art workshop/celebrating Mid Autumn Festival)

S H O W  T R A I L E R  2 0 1 6

Directed by Anna Nguyen & Mingyu Lin

Rice Paper Tales is looking to tour in 2017, if you would like to share the experience with your community and are a venue please get in touch we would love to hear from you

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