The Anchored in London Project was set up by Tom McDonough in collaboration with Trikhon Theatre. The project was designed to capture the real life stories of those who survived the Vietnam war and their off spring. The project helped to facilitate dialogue between the first and second generation Vietnamese, helping to bridge the gap between them. Participants had an active role in conducting interviews, transcribing, editing and designing the material - all the while being gathered around a steaming bowl of Pho. The project accumulated in the assembling of a DVD, booklet, website and exhibition. With Trikhon's delicate blend of event design and theatre, the company produced the projects final exhibition at he House Gallery Cafe in Camberwell.

T H E  T E A M

Lambeth Vietnamese and Chinese Association
Forvil Vietnamese Community Center
Gor Miep Diep
Chi Phung Nguyen
Anh Tom McDonough
Royal Geographical Society