Trikhon is a theatre company that makes work through a collaborative and devised approach. We are interested in creating high quality work that furthers social integration. 


C O M I N G   U P 

 U N B R O K E N    B Y   T U Y E N   D O

We are proud to share this touching piece of work by Vietnamese Artist Tuyen Do; Growing up with two different cultures isn't always easy. Tuyen Do expresses the challenges faced by both parent and child as the child tries to find their place.

Videography by Michael Le

C O M E  C E L E B R A T E  W I T H  U S

7th and 8th October 2017


G R A N N Y  -  D U M P L I N G 

13th - 17th September 2017

Trikhon is promoting a casting call for Chinese Vietnamese writer Thanh Le Dang from Deptford. Please apply accordingly to the project itself. See below and follow link.

                                Granny Dumpling - Female/playing age mid to late 60s                                                                                             Boy teenager - play age 16                                                                                                          Nail shop girl - playing age early 20s                                                 Fujian shop keeper - playing age/early 20s


T H E  V I S I T O R 

 Showing - 28th Feburary & 1st March 2017

In collaboration with Tidemill Academy 

A mysterious visitor has arrived in Deptford and is moving into Tidemill school for the week. Why are they hear? And what is their story? To start of the year Trikhon will be hijacking the playground of Tidemill School and designing an immersive audio walk, that takes our children through the life and journey of a refugee from Myanmar to Deptford. Our visitor has 'never even sat on a sofa before' how will the children welcome her?

R I C E  P A P E R  T A L E S  T O U R

Inspired by Tiet Van Nguyen

This year Trikhon Theatre will be bringing to life like a series of Traditional Vietnamese folk tales. We will be swapping the all time favorite British fairy tales for some all time favourite Vietnamese folk tales. Come and join us at Deptford Lounge this September for some live story-telling and art workshops. To find out more click here.

'Influencing the landscape of story-telling'

T H E Y  C A L L  U S  V I E T  K I E U

They call us Viet Kieu is a BBC Radio 4 program about the contemporary art scene in Hanoi and Saigon. Anna Nguyen the artistic director of Trikhon travels back to Vietnam to discover what contemporary Vietnam is like today and what does it mean to be Viet Kieu (Vietnamaese abroad)? And how does one live with this duality? Click on the link below to find out more.

A Greenpoint production, produced by Fabiola Buchele and presented by Anna Nguyen